Knife Skills and other Info.

Some basic knife skills cuts.



Chef’s knife: The Chef’s Knife is one of them main knives used in kitchens. It is used to slice and disjoint big cuts of beef. It is also a very good uttility knife, so it can be used to cut any fruit or vegetable.

This is the Chef’s knife and vocabulary terms along with it.

Steak knife: A steak knife is a table knife used to cut steak. They have serrated blades to help cut up the meat.

A steak knife.

Table knife: Table knifes are meant to only cut cooked or prepared food. They are made out of stainless steel.

A table knife.

Paring knife: A paring knife is used to peel and core food. They are best for small cuting.

The paring knife.

Carver: A carving knife is used to cut thin slices of meat. It is thinner then a chefs knife.

A carving knife

Boning knife: A boning knife is used to remove bones from cuts of meat.

A boning knife.

Filet knife: A filet knife is used in boneing fish. They are more flexiable then boning knives.

A fillet knife.

Trimming knife: Trimming knives are good knives for peeling and decorating. They have a small curved blade.

A trimming knife.

Bread knife: A bread knife is able to cut into bread without shredding it. To help with the cutting process a bread knife has a serrated blade.

A bread knife.

Websites for the pictures:


Knife skill cuts:

Steak knife:

Table knife:


Paring knife:

Carving knife:×500/11493_1000_500.jpg

Fillet knife:

Trimming knife:

Bread knife:×285/90984_285.jpg


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