Food Pictures From Many Adventures

Gifts from kids I teach during Sunday School at my church.018 - Copy 019 - Copy

I think the left one is a chocolate covered marshmellow.

025 - Copy028 - Copy

Hot Coco with chocolate covered spoons.

029 - Copy 030 - Copy

034 - Copy 032 - Copy



Our Christmas Eve dinner set up.


002 - Copy

  Christmas Day meat. Soooo good!

001 - Copy

Christmas Day Lunch.


041 - Copy

Christmas Day Dinner. Just a sampeling of what was at my Grandma’s house. We had so much food.

042 - Copy

My Grandma made Crepes for dinner. First time I had a crepe and it was delicious!



These pancakes are from a breakfast stop during my bike trip.




Cupcakes from my cousins wedding

,DSC01320 DSC01304DSC01301

Coco beans in the Dominican Republic.


Food from Hungary:

Hungry 2Hungry 3

Hungry 1


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